E-commerce Growing Leader – Latest One and its Success story

With the growth of the Indian Online Shopping market where people are buying almost everything from groceries to electronics, there is a tremendous competition among the E-commerce companies who provide one stop solution under one roof. Online shopping has now become a trend and is very common mode of shopping. Among so much of competition, lots of experts entered the e-commerce industry. Mr. Ameen Khwaja, CEO of LatestOne.com (Paled online technologies pvt. ltd.) has successfully achieved this goal through his hard work and dedication. It is the only E-commerce company listed on the trading companies list.
He received Entrepreneur of the year award in Trading business- e-retailer 2016.
This is a Hyderabad based e-commerce company, with a team of more than 200 dedicated and result oriented, highly qualified, digital marketing and IT experts. This company has been acknowledged as the only e-retailer in India for tech and mobile accessories. Whether its mobile accessories, Bluetooth devices, tablet accessories, headsets, speakers, power banks, android TVs or CCTV camera.
The company has made its warehouses at Delhi and Hyderabad which serve as the delivery points for mobile accessories and tech equipment. It offers more than 10000 products on its online website. It offers different range of small to high tech gadgets and mobile accessories like headphones, headsets, Covers, VR headsets, Power banks, wireless, speakers screen protectors, smart watches, fitness trackers etc.
Building an organization with a view to sell mobile accessories and gadgets online was a difficult task but Ameen Khawaja got success with his deep knowledge and 12 years of experience in digital marketing, his experience made him understand the need and shopping behavior of Indian buyers to a great extent. He knew that the potential of tech and mobile accessories industry in year 2012 was Rs.2000 crores. Thus, he introduced LatestOne.com, which was the first online shopping website for selling mobile and computer accessories. The company made a platform for selling technical products online at one place.
During that time, the big online shopping giants like Amazon and e-bay were supposed to be the most successful shopping destination in India and introducing a new website was a challenge for the experts of the company. The challenge became more difficult as, providing the best online shopping experience to the buyers was also very important and difficult as well. The team of experts worked hard to safeguard the trust of the buyers and ensured hustle free browsing of the website even on the 2G network. The company became the first ever online shopping website that received the best response from the customers who buy computers, tablets and smartphones as well as their accessories online.
Time to time company improved it’s performance getting guidance from the experts of digital world. Per day orders at the website are growing day by day as the quality of the service and products is enhanced. LatestOne is applying all the best strategies of digital marketing in introducing their products on their website and thus, today is the fastest growing online shopping terminus in it’s category.
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