Golden WhatsApp APK Download the Latest Version For Android

Since the inception of the official WhatsApp application until now. Many updated and modified WhatsApp apps have appeared. As well as many new additions and unique features. Golden Whatsapp APK or Whatsapp Yellow App. It is one of the best-updated WhatsApp applications. Where it has many amazing features. In addition to new additions and modifications. Also, using WhatsApp Gold App is very easy and simple. Since the user interfaces in Golden Whatsapp App are very easy. Just like the official WhatsApp App.

In addition to some new modifications and updates. Based on that, today we will offer you a detailed topic about Golden Whatsapp APK. Also, we will mention some new WhatsApp Gold Uptodown features and additions to you. In addition, we will present you with a two-step method on how to download WhatsApp Gold App. Besides how to install the Golden Whatsapp App without rooting your phone. Follow us below to find out more details.

What Is WhatsApp Gold

Golden Whatsapp App is a third-party modified app. Besides, the application contains more additions and additional features. Which you will not find in the official WhatsApp App. Where, through the WhatsApp GB APK, you can hide secret conversations. In addition to recovering deleted messages. Besides the ability to send many images with one click. Also, through WhatsApp Gold, you can download videos of cases that exceed 30 seconds. Also, you can find this feature on “YoWhatsApp“, “GBWhatsApp“, “WhatsApp Blue“, and “TM WhatsApp“.

In addition to dozens of new emojis. And control the colors and the background of the App. Also, you can control groups. Besides making video calls, group voice calls, and other features and other advantages. Nevertheless, Golden WhatsApp is a free and unpaid application. You will not pay any money for a WhatsGold download. All this and more made Golden Whatsapp APK one of the best modified WhatsApp apps in 2020. Follow us next to learn more.

Features Of WhatsApp Gold

  • Golden WhatsApp APK is an unpaid application. As it will not cost you any money.
  • The App is very secure on mobile data. Where WhatsApp Gold App does not carry any malware or viruses. Also, the App does not contain any corrupted files.
  • The possibility of downloading and installing the application in one step. Without rooting your phone.
  • Also, the App contains an anti-ban policy.
  • Also, the ability to control disabling and enabling some options.
  • Privacy settings. Besides, hide the option and change the images to a spherical shape.
  • The appearance of pictures in the chat. In addition to dual WhatsApp accounts.
  • The restriction has been canceled. Where you can download the tool and the moderator in parallel.
  • Also in case of annoyance from unwanted calls. You can disable repeated calls.
  • The ability to send many file formats such as PDF, DOC, Excel, and APK.
  • In addition to the possibility of disrupting popularity and writing to avoid intruders.
  • Also the possibility of disabling the connection. To avoid contact with unwanted people.
  • On WhatsApp GB, you can send large video clips. Cases up to 30 seconds and more are in HD quality.
  • The possibility of sending more than one image at once.
  • Notification change. In addition to many new and non-existing emojis on the official WhatsApp
  • The ability to block and delete sent messages. Besides unread messages.
  • Golden Whatsapp is compatible with all versions of Android. Whether it is an old or modern version.
  • Also, the application is small and does not need a large space.
  • Operating requirements are compatible with all versions of the Android system.
  • The possibility of putting the name and the state toast. Besides, dark person interface and advanced privacy.
  • Download with direct links without popups. Also, the two-step installation is simple.

WhatsGold Download For Android

Connect your phone to the Internet. After that, open your browser. Then follow the steps below. As we mentioned above, the Golden Whatsapp App is compatible with all versions of Android. In addition, the application size is very small, it will not take up much space. Also, it does not need a large RAM. Because WhatsApp GB’s operating requirements are compatible with all versions.

How To Download Golden WhatsApp APK

  1. After connecting your phone to the Internet.
  2. Go to your browser.
  3. And now you will click on the link below. Then the download will start automatically.

Download WhatsAppGold Apk 8.12

How To Install the Golden WhatsApp App

  1. After the WhatsGold download has finished. And before you perform the installation process.
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu on your device.
  3. And now you will choose “Security Settings”.
  4. If you find the “Unknown Sources” option not enabled. Then you will enable it.
  5. This step will solve many installation problems. And it will make WhatsApp Gold Apk work properly.
  6. When you have finished the previous step. Then you will go to the “Downloads” file.
  7. After that, click on the Golden Whatsapp APK file. Then tap the “Install” button.
  8. Now you will wait a while for the installation to finish.
  9. After installation finishes, open the Golden Whatsapp App. Then press “Agree And Continue”.
  10. Choose the “Country”. Then verify your phone number.
  11. Now you have successfully WhatsGold download and installed it on your phone. The App is now ready to use.


After getting to know all the details about the Golden WhatsApp APK, you can now download and install the best modded WhatsApp apps. As we mentioned above the many features and advantages that WhatsApp GB App contains. Where you can find new emojis. Besides controlling the application colors. In addition to controlling groups and contacts. Besides video calls. The banning policy from WhatsApp Gold has also been removed. In addition to the possibility of getting rid of intrusive people easily. Also, you can download the video for up to 30 seconds. Besides sending many images with one click. You can now tell us your opinion on today’s topic in a comment.