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Fouad MOD WhatsApp APK or FM WhatsApp. Sometimes it is also called Fouad whats7 99. It is one of the best modified WhatsApp apps. It is used by many people around the world. This is due to the unique features and advantages that FM WhatsApp App contains. Also, Fouad Mod Whatsapp is distinguished by its easy user interface, similar to the official WhatsApp interface. Besides, using the application is very easy and simple. In addition, FMWhatsApp 2 Apk works on all modern and old versions of Android.

So we will present to you some amazing FMWhatsApp App features. Besides how to download Fouad Mod Whatsapp Apk to your phone through a direct link. Also, we will provide you with very simple steps on how to install FM WhatsApp Apk on your phone. Despite that, Fouad WhatsApp is a 100% free application. You will not have to pay any cent to install or download Fouad WhatsApp Apk. Follow us to find out more details.

What Is Fouad MOD WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp Uptodown it is one of the best MOD WhatsApp applications. And it has many users. Where Fouad WhatsApp app offers many new features and updates. In addition to the unique features and additions. Just like “GBWhatsApp” and “GBWhatsApp Fouad” and “YoWhatsApp” and others. With the addition of some other features and updates. Where, through FM WhatsApp, you can change the background image. Besides specifying a picture in the conversation, whether it is outside or inside. In addition to the ability to preview the input pattern before applying it. Also, through FMWhatsApp 2 Apk, you can send several photos at once. Along with video clips and many new emojis. In addition to the ability to change the color of the pending message and many other features that we will mention below. Follow us to learn more features and how to download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK.

Features Of FM WhatsApp

  • Ease of use. Besides the easy user interface. Just like the official WhatsApp.
  • Fouad Whatsapp is a 100% free app. You don’t need to pay any cent to download or install.
  • Also, FM WhatsApp Apk is a security application for your phone data. As it does not carry any malware. Besides, the application does not contain corrupted files or viruses.
  • FMWhatsApp Uptodown App has a theme store. Besides the possibility of using the Azerbaijani language. Besides the feature of translation from Brazilian into Portuguese.
  • A built-in call blocker is also available in the application. This is to allow you to choose the calls.
  • The possibility of repeating the new call. HSV color options are also available.
  • You can through Fouad whats7 99 App. That you put a picture of the groups inside and outside.
  • Besides the ability to choose the screen image. In addition to specifying a tab to underline the color just like “GBWhatsApp”.
  • The possibility of placing the image next to the bubbles. In addition to many new emoji symbols.
  • Also the possibility of changing the date color and the pending message. Besides changing the color of the main screen and changing the color of the text in the chat screen.
  • The possibility of changing the color of voice notes. In addition to specifying a color code for the front and placing the color on the participants.
  • Fouad WhatsApp APK has a do not disturb mode. Besides the overall speed, which is better than the official App.
  • The ability to hide all media from the gallery. In addition to the ability to disable the redirect tag.
  • Also the ability to choose a theme without a background. In addition to allocating a nickname for the participants.

Download Fouad WhatsApp For Android

Downloading and installing Fouad WhatsApp Apk on your phone does not require more than two steps. Also, the FM WhatsApp App operating requirements are compatible with all versions of Android. Since FMWhatsApp Uptodown does not need a large “RAM”. Also, it does not need a large space in your device due to the small App size. All you have to do is have your phone connected to a good internet connection. Then open your browser. After that, follow the next steps with us.

How To Download FMWhatsApp APK

  1. First, open your browser.
  2. Then through the link at the bottom. Download FMWhatsApp Apk.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Apk 8.45

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp APK

  1. When you have finished downloading Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK. Then you will perform a routine step in the settings on your phone before the installation process.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Then select the “Security Settings”.
  4. Then you will enable the “Unknown Sources” option. If you find it is not enabled.
  5. If you want to bypass all installation issues. Besides using FMWhatsApp App properly. Then the previous step will provide this for you.
  6. Now you will go to the “Downloads” file on your phone.
  7. Then you click on the Fouad Whatsapp APK file.
  8. After that click on the “Install” button and wait a while.
  9. Once the installation process is finished, you will open the FM WhatsApp app.
  10. Click on the “Agree And Continue” button.
  11. Select “Country”. Then verify your phone number by voice message. Or a text message.
  12. When you have completed all the previous steps. Then you have successfully got FMWhatsApp 2 Apk on your phone.


Now you can download one of the best modified WhatsApp applications. FMWhatsApp APK. Where it is characterized by many benefits and advantages. In addition to the new and distinctive additions and updates. Also, you can send many photos and videos. In addition to controlling colors and controlling background images and group pictures. Also, Fouad WhatsApp Apk contains many new emojis. In addition to the possibility of translation from the Brazilian language into the Portuguese language. Also, the ability to write in the Azerbaijani language. And many other amazing features that we mentioned above. Also, we provided a direct link to easily download and install FM WhatsApp App. And now you can add your comment about FMWhatsApp.

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