How to Get Free Fire Diamonds with VPN For Free

If you ask me about one game that every gamer and player in India can play and not just play the game but really enjoy it then it would be the Garena Free Fire. Among all the other online multiplayer games the best lightweight game with some pretty good graphics would be Garena FF. It is one of the leading Battle Royale games when we talk about the famous Battleground games in the nation. After Pubg Mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India, there’s only one game left which is the Garena Free Fire.

Basically, Garena Free Fire is an ultimate survival shooter battle royale game in which you are placed on a remote island where your main objective would be to be the last man standing against the other 49 players. Well, if you’ve been playing the game for quite some time now then I think you must be familiar with the diamonds in the garena free fire. And, today we’ll discuss how you can get these diamonds in Garena Free Fire for free with a simple VPN trick in the game.

What is Free Fire VPN Trick?

Well, basically you see Garena Free Fire VPN trick is a method that is used by a lot of players to get some really exclusive rewards in the mobile battle royale game Garena Free Fire by connecting to a VPN server usually located in some other country in order to get & access all the Free Fire exclusive rewards & items that are otherwise not available in the player’s current country. Well, this trick is only referred to as the Free Fire VPN Trick.

And, in this article, we’ll tell you the simple steps through with the help of which you can get some really exclusive rewards in the garena free fire plus some amazing amount of diamonds in the game & then you can buy your favorite costumes, outfits, skins, bundles, characters and all the other items which cost diamonds in the game. You can also download ff Max Mod APK to get all the premium diamond features for free.

Top 3 VPNs to use in Free Fire VPN Trick

  1. Turbo VPN
  2. Quick VPN
  3. Melon VPN

Note: Well, these are some of the best VPNs also known as Virtual Private Network applications that you can use for the Free Fire VPN Trick & with the help of this you can use these VPN applications & connect to some other server and then avail all the exclusive rewards. Moreover, we have all of them available on our site also so you can also check them out on our website if you wish to download them.

Steps on How to Get Free Fire Diamonds with VPN For Free

Step 1: First of all, you have to download any VPN of your choice from the above list, next you have to connect it to any of the servers which are given in the list down below.

Step 2: When you have connected to any of these servers you have to clear your background, and then open garena free fire & then you need to log out of your profile.

Step 3: So, when you have log out of your profile then you need to log in the game with another guest account & then you will be in your guest account in some other server which you have connected to. And, then you can easily collect all the exclusive diamonds & rewards that you can get.

List of Servers to Get Free Fire Diamonds with VPN For Free

  • Vietnam Server
  • Brazil Server
  • Indonesia Server
  • LATAM Server
  • Thiland Server
  • Indian Server


Using a Virtual Private Network in Garena Free Fire is the best ways to get free fire diamonds for free, by simply connecting it to some other server which is given in this list above. And, then you can get free diamonds in the game, get exclusvie rewards without even spending a small penny from your pocket.


Can I Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire with VPN?

Well, by connecting to some other server in the game such as Indonesia & Thailand you can get free diamonds in the game by availing all the exclusive rewards & bonuses which that server will offer you.

Which Servers can I use to Get Free Diamonds in FF?

So, to get free diamonds in ff with the help of VPN you can connect to Vietnam Server, Brazil Server, Indonesia Server, LATAM Server. Thailand Server or Indian Server which you can check above in the list also.

How do I use VPN on Free Fire?

To use a VPN with Garena Free Fire you simply need to download any VPN of your favourite choice, connect it to the server & open the game in a guest account.

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