latest IoT trends that you should follow in 2019

Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of computing devices via the Internet. These devices are embedded in our everyday lives these days and we use them to send and receive data. This makes it easy for people residing in different areas to share things. For example, if you have access to Spectrum Maine upload a document on the cloud, the person having access to the Internet in New York, for example, will be able to view it too. IoT is a hot topic these days. And a technology that is making waves these days too.

Here are some IoT trends that you should follow in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. And for good reasons. It has made life easier for many. However, the introduction of AI has also taken away the jobs of many individuals. Because Artificial Intelligence has taken over many of the functions or duties that human beings used to perform. For example, making sense of the data. With the advancement in technology, the importance of data is also increasing and the data is becoming more complex with every passing day. Processing such complex data and making sense out of it is also a task. While smart humans can make sense out of that complex data, AI is better at the job. Therefore, one of the major trends that you should watch out for in 2019 is the combination of AI and Big Data.

Connected Clouds

Many companies these days rely on the cloud to store their data. The cloud technology makes it easy for individuals as well as companies to store data in one place and access it easily when needed. In this way, companies do not need to keep a manual record of things or they do not need to save the data on discs. The cloud technology makes it easy to store everything online and makes it convenient for anyone who has permission to access it too.

However, one thing that the companies should keep in mind is that the cost that they have to incur while storing the data is very high. Because it requires an immense amount of bandwidth to store the data on the cloud. These obstacles have forced people to look for alternative ways or find new cloud infrastructure. Companies have now realized that relying on one type of cloud service whether it is public, private or private data center is not sufficient. Therefore, companies are now directing efforts towards finding an optimal mix of the three.

In fact, connected clouds are gaining momentum already.


It is almost here. The world’s fastest Internet connection is almost here and it is going to change the way in which companies connect to the world around them. There are many reasons why 5G will gain momentum in the market after its introduction. Some of the many reasons include the fact that this technology will help the users to optimize power consumption, connection density, quality of service, operating cost, latency, bandwidth, and range. This year it is expected that 5G will be introduced in cellular devices as well. This will change many things.

Devices will Become More Vocal

As discussed earlier that devices are now taking over human beings. They are more capable of performing the functions that human beings do. It is for this reason that this year devices will become more vocal too. Just like the Internet gave voice to all of use, IoT will give voice to every other or almost every device now. Many of you are already used to the idea of using your voice to control devices. The most famous examples include Alexa and Google Home. The devices follow your command and do as you instruct. From switching off the light for you to playing your favorite music, it is all sorted.

While you are still getting used to the idea of using speakers to perform tasks for you, devices will now have vices too. Many car manufacturers are already working on the concept of virtual assistants. This will help drivers to operate more safely and avoid accidents. It actually makes sense to have voice controls in devices. Because it facilitates the individual and adds ease to any work that is being done.

Apart from that, you will see advancements in social IoT and IoT governance. One thing that you will have to make sure though is to have access to Spectrum Internet deals so that you can operate the IoT-powered devices and systems easily.

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