YouTube MOD APK (Premium Unlocked, No Ads) for Android & iOS

YouTube MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is an updated App from the official one that contains many new features. Improve your experience with the most popular social media platforms to upload and watch videos, and enjoy the premium features for free. Explore the huge video library with multiple categories and use the search engine to find anything you want.

One of the best new features is watching the video without ads, playing in the background, and easily boosting the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel. Besides, watch offline, download the video directly, customize the live stream, and watch the videos in Full HD quality. There are other surprises about the App, which we will mention below. Plus provides a free link to download YouTube Premium Mod Apk latest version for Android and iOS, and more other information.

About YouTube Premium MOD APK

YouTube MOD APK (No Ads, Background Play) is a new and updated version of YouTube that includes premium features, additional options, and more new features. YouTube is considered one of the most famous social networking applications, which specializes in uploading and watching unlimited videos from all over the world with many categories. Where you can explore the blogs of games, entertainment, documentaries, comedy videos, fashion, beauty, sports, education, news, and challenges, and know everything that is going on around the world through YouTube.

The platform was established on February 14, 2005. Since that time, YouTube has been able to be the first platform in the world to watch and share video clips. With the advent of smartphones for Android and IOS, a new premium version of YouTube has been developed that has many additional features. Therefore, today we will provide you with YouTube Premium Apk free with many Pro features. Where you can watch videos in high-quality HD, adjust the quality and sound, and view subtitles. Plus, watch the live stream without cutting and without restrictions, and access any channel or content without using a VPN.

Not only that but enjoy YouTube without ads or windows. Plus, use the background play feature and switch to any other App easily. As well as download videos directly to your device, customize the library and watch offline. Also, use more new themes, such as dark mode and others. One of the best features of YouTube Vanced Mod Apk is access to the Pro options and easily boosting the number of subscribers to your channel. However, the app includes an improved user interface, automatic options, and the ability to play videos with sounds only when the device screen is turned off or the home screen is exited.


Explore the Most Diverse Video Library In the World

Although there are other platforms for sharing videos, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. But YouTube is the world’s first specialist for uploading and watching videos. Where it includes written, wide, and open to all entertainment, cultural, sports, literature, science, history, movies, and other diverse content. When you get the premium version, you can get many other great features.

Lots Of Different Popular Themes

There are many different versions of YouTube, which include various themes such as YouTube Red, YouTube Blue, Pink, and YouTube Vanced. But when you get YouTube Premium, you can use more themes and modes, such as the dark mode, which gives an elegant look to the user interface. As well as customize the new features, choose the display type, and other great options.

Background Play

One of the most important modified features that you can use. If you want to explore the music community on YouTube and play songs while browsing other apps. Then, with the background play feature, you can easily switch to any other App or game while playing videos from YouTube. Which is considered one of the best options preferred by many in the improved version of the paid application.

Video Download

In some different versions of the original App, you need to use another tool or App to download videos or movies from YouTube to your device. But with YouTube Pro Apk, you can download any video directly to your phone with one click. Without the need for any other tool or application with high speed and choosing the appropriate quality that starts from 240p and reaches 4K and sometimes 8K.

Watch Offline

You often watch videos while connected to the network or while using Wi-Fi networks. But in this App, you can watch the video offline the second time, or in the event of an internet outage. It is considered one of the most important new features that will definitely change your experience while using YouTube.

Improved User Interface

Enjoy an updated user interface and new, improved options with various add-ons and new default options. Plus removing ads as one of the new features in order to enjoy a clean user interface. The App is also available in a small and appropriate size, compatible with Android and iPhone, free without any permissions, and completely safe.


YouTube Premium APK MOD Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Background playback
  • Get more subscribers
  • Video download.
  • Remove ads.
  • New themes.
  • Dark mode
  • Watch offline
  • Auto options.
  • HD quality.

Download YouTube MOD APK (No Ads, Background Play) For Android

First, you can download YouTube MOD APK 2023 through the link below and wait for the file to download to your device. Then you will go to the location of the “APK” file and follow the normal installation steps. Now you can open the new App and start using it with all the features that we mentioned above.

YouTube MOD APK Download

Download YouTube MOD APK for iOS

In order to be able to get YouTube Premium for iOS. Then download the official App through the link below and install the file with the normal steps, like any other application installed on your phone. Then watch the video below to learn how to get free YouTube Premium.

YouTube App iOS Download

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