YouTube Pink APK

YouTube Pink APK Download (Latest Version) for Android & iOS

YouTube Pink APK (MOD, Updated) is a modified version that provides you with a unique experience while using YouTube. Where you can watch videos without interruption and without ads, with background mode. In addition to the awesome pink theme, which is considered one of the most important advantages of the new App.

Because this version will give you an attractive pink theme for the YouTube interface, except for the notification area, search bar area, recommendations, or watch later in short. Also, try the cool dark mode. Plus download video offline and adjust the quality, screen brightness, volume, and other options. Therefore, below you will find a link to download YouTube Pink Apk latest version for Android and iOS.


About YouTube Pink MOD APK

YouTube Pink APK Free Download is an updated app from YouTube with new themes and modes. YouTube is the number 1 platform for watching various videos on the Internet. Where you can watch videos, movies, clips, games, music, sporting events, documentaries, cartoons, and anime, and follow celebrity channels, live stream channels, news, and other diverse entertainment content. Therefore, many developers have provided improved versions of this amazing application, such as YouTube Plus, YouTube Red and Blue, YouTube Music, and others.

One of the most prominent modified apps is YouTube Pink. Which contains a new theme with beautiful pink color and other features that were not available in the official version. Where you can remove annoying ads and watch videos without cutting and without restrictions. Because the App provides you with quality control options that are commensurate with the speed of your Internet connection. For example, you can watch videos in high-quality 1080p HD or even 4k Full HD or 8k Extra HD.

Not only that but through YouTube Pink, you can use background mode to use other apps while using YouTube. Moreover, test the dark mode with cool themes and the same options as the original. Besides, disable and enable video repetition, and create lists, favorites, and watch later lists. One of the best other features of the application is watching and downloading videos offline easily. You can also play YouTube videos on TV easily through YouTube Pink App.


YouTube Pink APK

Awesome Theme

Enjoy a unique experience with YouTube through this unique App that contains a beautiful pink theme that will make you feel a unique impression while using YouTube. It seems from the name that the backgrounds and themes are distinguished by the pink color, regardless of some other basic options such as recommendations, the search bar, and other options.

Background Playback

With the unique background mode, you can switch to any other app in your browser while watching videos. Unlike the official application that stops auto when you move to another place in your phone. But with this great version, you can scroll to any other location on your device while watching videos.

Dark Mode

One of the most important modes and other new themes in this version is the dark mode. In order not to get bored with one color, you can choose the dark mode and change the entire interface to black. This theme, along with the theme of the pink color, is considered one of the most important multiple characteristics of the themes of the new App.

Adjust Settings

When you watch your favorite videos, you can set many options and settings as you wish. For example, you can adjust the screen brightness to protect your eyes, you can choose the appropriate quality, set subtitles, auto-play or repeat, adjust the volume, and other customization options.

Download Videos Offline

One of the most important features of YouTube Pink. Where you can download videos to watch when you need an internet connection. This will give you a view of the files you wish to view when you are out of range. Plus the ability to easily download any video on your device without the need for any device.

Watch On TV

If you have a smart TV and want to watch videos from YouTube on your device. Then YouTube Pink supports playing videos on TV using the TV or phone code. Or if the phone and TV are connected from the same Wi-Fi network. It will definitely be an amazing experience.

Clean User Interface

This great version includes many features and surprises. The App contains an easy user interface and an attractive and beautiful design. Just like Instagram MOD APK. Also, remove annoying ads and pop-ups so that you can enjoy watching the video. In addition to some auto options that will improve your experience.

YouTube Pink APK

What’s New?

  • Do more tasks while watching any video.
  • Get all the features when you upgrade the version.
  • Fix the server problem.
  • The App is now smothered to run
  • Topics have changed.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Error 400 has been fixed.
  • Previous errors have been fixed.
  • No restrictions.
  • No ads.

Download YouTube Pink APK Latest Version (2023) For Android

First, you can download YouTube Pink APK 2023 from the link above. The download button below will lead you to the direct download page. Click on the button and wait less than a minute before you are taken to the location of the “APK” file of the App. Click on the file, then click on “Install” and complete the steps to the end. Now you can “Open” the new App and enjoy.

YouTube Pink APK Download

YouTube Pink App Download for iOS

There is no official current version of YouTube Pink for iOS now. But don’t despair, you can still change your original YouTube themes and wallpapers. In order to be able to change themes for the original application, you can watch the video below.


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