How to Maximize the Reach and Return on Revenue with Public Speaking

It can be expensive to attend a conference, advertise yourself and your business. Even though you may be allowed to speak for free, other costs are usually involved such as hotel bills and travel expenses. If however, you can make a sacrifice and do what’s necessary for your company’s success, you should know that there are smart ways to maximize your presentation’s reach and return on revenue.

Speaking in front of an audience shouldn’t be all about the people involved; many business professionals concentrate too much on the speech and too little on a strategy to improve it for maximum effect. Here are some tips to get your speech out to a larger audience.


Pre-event Advertising can Work to Your Advantage

Conference organizers usually turn to attendants to promote their event. If you want to make yourself noticed, you can start by writing a blog post on your company’s website; mention that you’ll be speaking at a conference, give the name and date of the event and ask your readers to share the post on social media. Make yourself available for testimonials and interviews, answer questions and generate as much awareness as possible.

Welcome Social Signs

Getting your business known to a wider audience is now easier than ever. Social media exposure is the fastest, most efficient way of making that happen. During your public speech, let your audience know that they’re allowed to share live information about the conference; encourage them to use Twitter and Facebook to reveal aspects of your business presentation. They can either take snapshots or record a short video to share on their pages with a hashtag to your company’s website or social media channel.

Connect to Your Followers

If your speech was successful and you really managed to grab attention, your speech will be all over social media sites. Make time to connect with the people who attended your speech; ask for their feedback and send them a link to your presentation. Upload it on SlideShare send the link to your listeners. Let them know they can always share it. Many business people fail to connect to their audience. They just can’t use social media the right way, and that can be devastating for their reputation.

Listening to conference speakers at business conferences will not be a waste of money if you know how to maximize the experience and make your company see returns on the initial investment. It’s all about being disciplined; create a plan and optimize your time accordingly. This will do miracles for your brand, not to mention that the people attending the conference will really want to hear what you have to say.

Attend the Most Well-Known Public Speaking Venues and Conferences

One of the marketing your business with public speaking is to attend conferences and marketing events. Here are some examples you might want to consider:

Summer Brand Camp – centered on connecting consumers and employee brands in the era, Summer Brand Camp is an ideal place for marketers. In June 2014, over 360 companies and savvy leaders attended the event. If you want to maximize reach and return on revenue through public speaking, this conference is a must-attend.

Digimarcon – next year, on April 26th, make sure to check out the Digimarcon Cruise. There will be many thought-provoking and audacious conferences worth attending; the event is meant for the digital marketing industry. The speakers will have the chance to share information about their enterprises, visions, and brand. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, boost awareness or sharpen your strategies, the Digimarcon Cruise welcomes you to speak in front of an audience and do your best to make your company shine.

Content Marketing World – this event claims to be the most influential on the planet. With over 2600 delegates from 50 countries and more than 60 sponsors, Content Marketing World is worth attending if you want to make your business famous. Meet some of the world’s best and brightest marketers, learn from their principles and build the most fruitful relations. Next year, the conference will take place between September 8 and 11.

Speaking in public is one of the most efficient ways to maximize your business’s revenue. People want to be convinced face-to-face that something is worth buying; they want to connect with the product and the only way they can do that is by meeting its creator.

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