Royal Whatsapp Apk Download the Latest Version For Android

Royal WhatsApp Apk, WhatsApp Transparent, or WhatsApp Royal. It is one of the best WhatsApp Mod applications. And the most used ones. Where you can find on WhatsApp Transparent App everything you need. Also, the App has been adjusted and updated from external parties to suit everyone. In addition to the new features that have been added to the App. In addition to the unique features and additions that you will not find in any other application. Where Royal Whatsapp App includes many updates that you may not find in the official WhatsApp.

Besides the ease of downloading and ease of installation. Also, using the application is very easy. In addition to the Royal WhatsApp operating requirements, compatible with all new and old versions of Android. So today we will introduce you to some of the features of WhatsApp Transparent Apk. Besides a special way to download WhatsApp Royal App with a direct link. In addition to how to install Royal Whatsapp APK, more details follow below.

What Is WhatsApp Transparent App

WhatsApp Transparent App or WhatsApp Royal APK is one of the modified third-party WhatsApp Apps. Such as “FMWhatsApp Uptodown”, “GB WhatsApp” 2020, and “Yowa WhatsApp“. As the App has been modified and updated to suit all WhatsApp users around the world. Also, some new additions and features have been added to the application. Where, through Royal Whatsapp, you can type 250 characters in your case instead of 140 only in the official WhatsApp. Also, you can send multiple images with one click.

Besides the ability to send many files and documents. In addition to sending the large video size. Also, the latest version of Royal WhatsApp Apk contains many new emojis. In addition to the ability to control colors, screen, groups, chat, and others. Despite that, WhatsApp Transparent App is an unpaid application. As you will not have to pay any money to use the App. Follow us below to find out more.

Features Of Royal Whatsapp App

  • The first feature of the Royal Whatsapp app is the ability to freeze the last appearance. Where you can, despite an internet connection, hide your last appearance.
  • The ability to send messages and files to any type of contact. Even if you are not available in your contacts.
  • Also, increase the number of letters in the case. Where, through the App, you can type your status with more than 250 characters. Unlike the official WhatsApp, which gives you only 140 characters.
  • Multiple personal privacy options. WhatsApp Transparent app has many options for relative privacy. Just like “FMWhatsApp“, “Whats app FM”, and “GBWhatsApp” latest version.
  • Ability to hide the status of the blue bill.
  • Also, the possibility of recording the skins stand. Where you can hide your place to record audio.
  • The possibility of protecting your status in the writer by entering the hide.
  • The ability to share videos, cases, and photos more. Where you can share large sized videos.
  • Also, your view will not be counted after seeing the person’s standing. This is done by masking the visibility.
  • Safety. Royal WhatsApp Apk is a very secure App on mobile data. It does not carry any viruses or corrupted files. Also, it does not carry any malware that may cause damage to your phone.
  • Simple and easy user interface. Besides the amazing and unique design.
  • Ease of use. As the use of the application is very easy and does not require any effort.
  • Easy to download and install. Also, WhatsApp Royal download is very easy, and with one click. Where the download link is direct without any pop-up windows. Besides the ease of installation.
  • This App is free. As you will not have to pay any cent for downloading, installing, or using the application.

Download Royal WhatsApp For Android

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Transparent APK does not require complicated steps or great effort. Also, the operating requirements are compatible with all versions of Android. Besides, the application size is very small will not take up much space on your phone. All you have to do is connect to the Internet on your phone. After that, proceed with the download and installation steps below.

How To Download Royal WhatsApp Apk

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on the link below.
  3. Wait a while for the download to finish.

Download Royal WhatsApp APK

How To Install Royal WhatsApp

After the application is finished downloading. You will go to the settings on your phone. To enable the Unknown Sources option. You will go to “Settings”. Then you will choose “Security Settings”. And you will enable the option of “Unknown Sources”. This step is in order not to cause any problems during installation.

  1. Now go to the “Downloads” file.
  2. Then click on the Royal WhatsApp APK file.
  3. Then click on the “Install” button.
  4. After the installation finishes. Then “Open” WhatsApp Royal.
  5. Click “Agree And Continue“.
  6. Choose the “Country“. Then verify your phone number.
  7. Now you will adjust the “Photo” and “Name” settings, then click “Next“.
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp Transparent APK.


Now you can enjoy one of the best MOD WhatsApp apps. Where WhatsApp Transparent Apk is characterized by many new features and additions that overtake the official WhatsApp. Where you can send media in a larger sizes and in different sizes. Besides the ability to send a large number of images and files in one click. Also, you can write WhatsApp cases that exceed 250 characters, unlike the official WhatsApp, which allows only 140 characters. In addition to controlling calls, chatting, colors, groups, and more. Also, we provided a direct download link for the App. Besides some simple steps to install Royal Whatsapp Apk. If you have any questions, you can share it with us in the comments.

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